Wednesday, 21 October 2015

--- Deer & Fawn Guest DT --- Halloween Baskets Part 1

Hello Deer & Fawn Friends

Today's inspiration share is a little different.

We are not huge followers of Halloween but I enjoy giving my boys
fun new things to do.
So while perusing the local discount store I came across some baskets and halloween goodies.
I decided I'd make a small gift basket for them to give them something
new to play with.

I started with some of my boys favorite things:

straws (not sure why), balloons, a few little treats and anything that makes noise - 
the pumpkin heads make a horrible noise when you shake them:
which basically means my kids will love them.

I've put the baskets together and have a few finishing touches to make.

So make sure you come back next Wednesday to check out the finished product and
see some pics of my boys enjoying their Halloween Gift Baskets.

Until next time

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